Hello & Welcome

You are right here, at the Catholic students' parish "Thomas von Aquin". We are more than a hundred young people from Germany and other countries all around the world studying here in Dresden. Together we live our faith, meet many fellow students and make friends. Quite some activities help us to escape from our everyday-work.
 We don't have a membership fee, of course no grades and nobody will enforce attendance. Instead, you will experience a relaxed time with interesting people. We have two choirs (classical and gospel), the theology circle, a theater group, and a cabaret; we are also involved in social projects. But there is much more - life in the KSG changes with students that come and go. Everybody can join!

Mondays at 7pm is our weekly mass. Afterwards, there is a kind of lecture given - topics are as various as our interests (both at St. Paulus-Kirche, Bernhardstr. 42 - almost on campus). Our real home is our appartment at Eisenstuckstr. 27 (almost on the campus as well), where the life of the KSG takes place for the rest of the week. There you won't be hungry or thirsty: Our "ghosts" take care of your physical well-being. And, of course, it is easy to get in contact with students.

Don't hesitate to stop by, we are looking forward to meeting you!